Company registration procedure

We set out herein below the main provisions / information required for the incorporation and setup of a Cyprus International Business Company:

1. The proposed name of the Company.

2. The intended activities of the Company.

3. The intended authorized and paid up capital of the Company as well as the number of the shares to which must be divided and the nominal value thereof. There is no minimum authorized or paid up capital of the Company but usually it is at least 10.000 shares of Euro 1 each.

4. For each of the intended Director/s and Shareholder/s:

  1. Full name.
  2. Profession/occupation.
  3. Date of birth.
  4. Residential address.
  5. Nationality.
  6. Copies of their I.D. Cards and Passports.

In case the Director/s and/or the Shareholder/s are bodies corporate then the following will be required:

  1. Full name.
  2. Country of incorporation.
  3. Date of incorporation.
  4. Address of their registered office.
  5. Registration number.
  6. Whether the shares are registered or bearer shares.
  7. Copies of Certificate of Incorporation, Registered Office, Directors/Officers, ultimate beneficial owners.

5. The number of shares to be taken by each Shareholder.

In respect of the intended Director/s and Shareholders, please note:

  1. According to Cyprus law, the minimum number of the Shareholders for a Cyprus private company is one (1) and the maximum is fifty (50).
  2. The number of the Directors is determined by the Shareholders.

All the above details of the Director/s and Shareholder/s must be filed/registered with the Registrar of Companies and thus are on public record.

6. It is possible for the shareholders of Cyprus Companies to be represented through Nominee / Trustee arrangements. In this way our Firm will act as Trustee / Nominee for the actual beneficial owners of the Cyprus Company and our Firm will be the Registered Shareholder of the Cyprus Company in the public records / Cyprus Registrar of Companies.

Through these Trustee arrangements the confidentiality of the identity of the beneficial owners is protected and is kept confidential. Additionally we may provide the Cyprus Company with suitable Cyprus resident Directors who will have the legal and other responsibilities for the activities of the Cyprus Company.